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The Opportunist

I was driving around my neighborhood the other day, and I saw a sign that said “Prom nails. 25 dollars.” Prom is just next week for the high school here. Whoever posted that sign was smart. Really smart. Here’s why.  Whoever put up that ad looked around, saw a customer base, and catered to them. […]


How to Make Money as a Teenager

  Money is an important part of life, especially as you start  preparing to move  out and go to college. Here are twelve ways  to earn money as a teenager.  There  are other great ideas on the  200+ Idea list in the top right hand corner.  Tell us  your idea in  the comment section! Flag Pole Installation- Install […]

How to earn money as a kid?

How to earn money as a kid?

Kids always ask me “How to earn money as a kid?” There is a lot more that goes into making money than most kids realize. I just launched a lesson in the Young Entrepreneur Academy that teaches everything you need to do to earn the money you need. I want to teach you what I cover in […]