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Secret Ingredient for How to Have a Successful Bake Sale…(hint, rummage sale)

Bake Sale King

I wanted to share a success with you.  I came across your site several weeks ago because my 7-year-old son had been asking how he could earn some money.  He wants to build a large Lego City, and Legos are EXPENSIVE! So, I let Google take me on a journey through the internet to see if I could find some creative ideas for ways that kids can earn money.   That is how I found your website.  I was actually finding a lot of great information for my son, and I bookmarked your website because I felt it would be a great resource for him for several years to come as he gets older and his abilities increase. Anyway, as I'm coming across a bunch of great ideas for my son and starting to get … [Read more...]

Jeremiah Earned Over $500: How? Rainbow Loom Elastic Bracelets

Rainbow Loom

Jeremiah has made over $500 by making and selling rainbow loom elastic bracelets. This is how he does it. The rainbow loom bracelets are made from elastics. I make them on a loom that comes with the kit I bought. It only takes 5-10 minutes to make them. It costs 41.356709826543 cents to make one. I sell them to whomever asks for one and I sell them for 1 dollar each. I have sold 507 bracelets in my life but I have only had the kit for 3 months. lol. I get the supplies at Michaels Art and Craft Store. … [Read more...]

I am 9 I want to make money really fast because I need $20 more dollars to get a bunny so I need some answers.


I too, have a passion for bunnies. I own seven. I have made it into a side business selling their babies. Last week I made $45 selling three baby bunnies. That is a great question.  If you only need $20 and you want it to be fast and easy, I would do some kind of service for your parents or neighbors or sell something. Here are a couple ideas you could try. You could offer to deep clean a room or two, for your parents or neighbors. You could offer to wash windows. People will always pay to have their windows cleaned. You could rent your something you don’t want to get rid of but are willing to lend for a couple of days.  I am sure you could easily rent your iPod or video … [Read more...]

Young Entrepreneurs Academy

Young Entreprenuer Academy

Do you have something you want really badly but the only way you can get it is to earn your own money?  It might be an iPad, a vacation, or you might just want to have spending money to buy whatever you want. You have tried to make money in the past. You tried a lemonade stand and made a little bit of money or you have helped a neighbor out in their yard for some extra cash but it wasn’t enough.  You want and need more.  You need to make $500 to pay for your vacation or you want to make at least $50 a month to buy the things you want. You are too young to get a job or maybe you don’t have time for one. You are looking for the next level of making money as a kid. You need to learn how to … [Read more...]

Introducing The How To Make Money As A Kid Private Facebook Group (Young Entrepreneurs Tribe)


What is a Facebook Group? This is where real kids making real money connect. A facebook group is a tool where any member can ask a question and any member can answer.  Everyone can read what others have written. It is a great way to connect with people interested in the same topics as you are and you can get answers to all the questions you have from other kids like you. Check out and join this brand new facebook community. You can ask other kids questions. You can ask other kids questions. Get ideas for how they make money and share your own ideas. This is a great way to connect with other kids just like you. How do I join this community? You can join this how to make money as a kid … [Read more...]



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It’s all in the family- 6 steps to achieving your family dream!


As I’ve made this website, I envision my audience. Sometimes I see a 13 year old kid searching for ways to grow their deep desire to start making money. Sometimes I see a parent searching for a way to help their child be more independent by making money. Today, I see you both. So, if you’re a kid- go grab your parents. If you’re a parent- go grab your kids. Let’s start working together. Setting a goal together and achieving it will be a super fun road to travel together. If you can get the whole family involved it could really bring you together. 1. What’s your family’s DREAM? Let’s begin by choosing what it is your whole family wants. A vacation to Disneyland? Go skiing … [Read more...]

Start a savings account and get paid.

heap of American dollars (closeup)

The ability to delay gratification is the key to success! There was a study done at Stanford where they put a child 3-4 years old in a room with a marshmallow and said, “If you wait for me to go get another marshmallow and you don’t eat this one, you can have 2 marshmallows.” They then left the marshmallow with the child and left the room for 15 minutes. If the child ate the marshmallow then they didn’t get a second marshmallow. If they didn’t eat it, they earned their 2nd marshmallow. 2 out of 3 children ate the marshmallow before the interviewer returned. Years later they tracked down the children that were then 18-19 years old. They found that 100% of the kids that had waited for … [Read more...]

How to be an Indespensable Juggernaut

I was recently speaking with my Uncle Mark. Uncle Mark started a printing business with my dad and 6 other uncles. That business grew to be a multimillion-dollar company. Needless to say, he knows what he’s talking about. He described that in running his business he meets 3 different kinds of people. Let me explain. Boss hires kid to mow the lawn. Boss explains where the lawn mower is and sets kid off to work. Type 1: Kid goes out to the shed to get the lawn mower and discovers that the shed is locked. Disappointed, kid stands around frustrated that there is no way to mow the lawn. Type 2: Kid goes out to the shed to get the lawn mower and discovers the shed is locked. Kid … [Read more...]

Winter Money Making

Here are 13 different ways to make money in the wintertime. Sitting for Errands- Now that Christmas is over, Moms probably have a lot of returns. Let the parents of small children know that if they have a ton of returns to do, you can sit in their car with their kids for a really low price while they do their returns. Scrape windshields- Sell your local neighbors on scraping their windshields. Usually people are running behind and need to scrape their windshield before they leave for work. You could earn a few dollars per day by doing this. Shovel snow- No need for explanation here. You have a strong back and an eager desire to make money so ask your neighbors if you can shovel … [Read more...]