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 All right, we’ve covered some ideas about what to sell. Now we’re going  to talk a little about how to get people to buy what you are selling.  Because no matter how cool your product is, if people don’t know about,  they won’t purchase it. And if you  don’t have customers it’s pretty  impossible to […]

Soap Making

Hey guys! I had the chance to interview a fantastic young woman about her business. Her name is Sanneke, and she started running a business when she was 14.  Below is her answers to some of the questions I asked. Enjoy! Summary of the business: I run a small business called Earth Essentials Soap. The […]

How to Make Money as a Kid with Horrible Neighbors

So, we’ve had a lot of questions lately about what someone can do to make money in a place where there are literally no customers of any kind or there ARE customers, but they are all horrible, selfish human beings who despise small children and won’t buy your products. Hopefully that’s an exaggeration, because it […]