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Steve believes that kids can be making enough money by the time they graduate from high school to never need a job. He created this site to make this a reality. This won't be accomplished through any "get rich quick" schemes but through hard work, persistence and good old-fashion business skills. Steve started making money at age five, recycling soda cans and later in his teens raised and sold baby rabbits.


Ali joined Steve and his family in their crusade to educate and motivate kids to learn business skills because she recognized the importance of the mission based off of her own life experience. Ali has reaped the benefits of learning valuable life skills by creating mini-businesses at an early age. She has been making money since the age of four, when she started selling golf balls in front of her home located on the golf course.

What People are Saying

Amelia (teen) said, "I made over $300!!! Thank you so much. I used all the tips you taught me about babysitting, and I made $35 for four hours of babysitting two kids. I also sold candy at my school for a month."

Michelle (parent) said, “If I had to pick one reason for participating in it would be to broaden his mind and empower him to know he can earn his own money.”

Annika (kid) says, “Thank you so much I have found a way to make money! You were such a big help I will email you in the future when I get my horse!”  Thanks.


At we strive to provide the best resources for parents to help motivate, inspire and provide the know-how for kids to start making money on their own.

The purpose of this website is to be the best resource in the world for parents and kids to learn together how to make money while the kids are young.
Children are our future. Why not start teaching kids to practice business skills at a young age? Why wait on giving kids the opportunitiy to learn, grow, succeed and even fail? Why not let the kids let kids experience success and failure early and often so that they are prepared for real life as an adult? Why not let them start saving their own money? Why not teach them how to start earning residual income?
Let's give the kids everything we've got so that by the time they graduate high school they will have years of experince running their own business.

We would love to hear your feedback.

We are so excited to help you teach your children to grow their business. How to make money as a kid or teen is one of the BEST educations that YOU can give to your children. With each dollar earned and each penny saved, your children will be better prepared for having REAL SUCCESS in REAL LIFE.

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