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How to Make Money as a Kid with Horrible Neighbors

So, we’ve had a lot of questions lately about what someone can do to make money in a place where there are literally no customers of any kind or there ARE customers, but they are all horrible, selfish human beings who despise small children and won’t buy your products. Hopefully that’s an exaggeration, because it […]


A Brief Explanation

  Hey, guys! I posted an article last week, and it occurred to me today that you might be possibly be concerned that I lead a mass rebellion, overthrew Steven and set myself up as supreme empress over his website. Let me reassure you, this is not the case.  I’m going to introduce myself real […]

How to Make Money as a Kid Using Electronics

Isn’t it crazy how fast the electronic world is expanding? It seems like  every other day new gadgets are released.  This means that opportunities to make money as kids are opening up everywhere! With all this new technology it can be hard to keep up, so here are some ideas on what you can do […]